Manel Khemiri Hannachi

World Wellbeing Tourism, newly established in December 2019, is a specialized Luxury & Wellbeing travel agency that serves business and leisure clients, insuring their inbound and outbound travel requirements at the most efficient and professional level.

With a strong experience in Travel & Tourism management of more than 15 years, we have innovated creative products that lead to a revolutionary travel experience and unique discoveries around the world.

Well, I discovered the answer through my personal experience! We go through our life with a pre-set plan and references closing up our connection with our inner self to find out why we are here, what makes us the happiest, and definitely ignoring all the wellbeing lifestyle as we were made to have.

Through our company World Wellbeing Tourism, we offer you the opportunity to step into a new journey and create the life you aim to through Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-being programs.

As I value the quality of traveling over the quantity, we have created a tailor-made luxurious services division to fulfill the special interest of individual and corporate travelers.

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