Bobbi Hartshorne

If, like me, you are committed to the next evolution of business, driven by the unstoppable transformation of the global economy, the planet, and the human race, let’s talk.

If we truly want to change this world for the better, we must change business for the better.

Over the past five years, I have transformed the way a leading organization operates and in doing so have shifted the mentality of an entire sector towards a more people-first approach.

I have studied the changing needs, values, and challenges facing Gen Z and I am observing these factors amplified in the emerging Gen Alpha. To survive, businesses must find a way to bridge the old to the new. Taking the best of what they have already to provide a solid foundation upon which bold, disruptive, and game-changing initiatives can flourish. If this feels aligned with your business ambitions, we should start a discussion and see where it leads.

I have 12 years experience in public institutions and private organizations, including small local start-ups and large international businesses. I have regularly navigated the public-private interface.

I am an accomplished leader with a track record of problem-solving, pushing boundaries and delivering results in an international context.

As well as my expertise in wellbeing, I also have experience with workplace culture and design, (re)branding and PR, agile systems design for data-insights, research, new-market entry, projects, programmes, and business strategy.

I am a seasoned public speaker, panellist, and presenter and have an extensive network in the wellbeing, education, investment and real estate sectors.

During the past two years, I have served as a board and committee member.

I am available as a board/committee member, consultant, and project director to people &
planet-first, fresh-thinking, and ambitious organizations poised for the next evolution of business.

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