Amalia Paraschiv

My name is Amalia Paraschiv and I am a USA Certified Hypnotherapist, Pranic Healer, Akashic Records Reader, Goulding SleepTalk™ Consultant for Kids, NLP&EFT Consultant, Angel Healing Practitioner, and Reiki Consultant practicing both in Dubai and Romania.

Years ago, I got my diploma in Hotel Management, enjoying international exposure, as I worked in different countries like Romania, the USA, Qatar, and the UAE.

My life took a different path in 2009, a short time after the birth of my son. He was diagnosed with severe asthma. I saw little improvement in my son’s health as he was receiving incredibly strong medication, so I started asking the different types of questions and sought different sorts of answers.

I devoted my research and studies to find a permanent solution to my son’s health issues. I learned about Goulding SleepTalk Process- a powerful self-esteem process for children- and soon became an Accredited SleepTalk™ Consultant. The results were great, so I was even more determined to learn about the ways that we can heal our minds and body. I felt the need and the call of helping other people who were ready to open to the spiritual world.

So I kept studying and as years passed by, my work as hypnotherapist consultant, EFT, and NLP practitioner, and pranic healer, not only helped my son enjoy a healthy, happy childhood but also helped many others overcome their fears, phobias, nightmares, panic attacks, emotional sufferance, depression, addictions, health problems, relieve pain, stimulate motivation, stop smoking, develop creative thinking, resolve long-standing problems.

I believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved with love and faith.

Join me on your healing path! Learn how to enjoy a life of abundance, prosperity, health, love, goodwill, inner peace, and joy!

“Love, Amalia”

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