Corporate Wellbeing


All businesses are affected by the Coronavirus and we are invited to be creative and come back to our `new normal` despite some fears.

Given the urgency and discomfort that organizations are experiencing, World Wellbeing Corporate wants to provide you with concrete tips and ideas for today and for the future.

We help employers recognize and reward behaviors that already occur to improve employee wellness. This can help your company save money on more than one level.


We help your employees to make consistent improvements that result in healthier habits for life and it goes far beyond physical activity to include optimal nutrition, financial fitness, stress-management, sleep, mental wellbeing, and more.

Whether you want to get more physically active, eat better, relax more, improve your mental health, grow your financial health, or simply expand your relationships, our contests and challenges boost all kinds of health habits, bring people together, and provide opportunities to earn healthy recognition along the way.

Our Programs make it easy for employees to live healthier lifestyles and make working at your company even more fun:

Avoid fast food all week


Join a charitable 5k/10k


Sleep 7+ hours each night

Healthy Habits

Take mental-health breaks

Stress management

Eliminate indulgences


Personalized Wellbeing Service

Dedicated wellbeing expert

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